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My name is Bharti Mandlik, and I am a resident of Kadaknath Wadi village. I have studied up to the 10th standard, and our family farms eight acres of land. My husband and I were struggling with rain-fed farming, which led to inconsistent crop yields and financial difficulties. We often had to take loans from moneylenders at high interest rates to make ends meet.

Two and a half years ago, Bangar Tai from Paryay, a local NGO, visited our village and spoke with the women about forming self-help groups (SHGs) and accessing loans through the organization. Inspired, we started a women’s self-help group with five members, each saving Rs 100 monthly.

I had borrowed my sister-in-law’s sewing machines to sew blouses. After learning about the loan opportunities from Paryay, I decided to take a loan. I borrowed Rs 30,000 and used it to buy my own blouse sewing machine for Rs 9,500 and a fall pico machine for Rs 12,000. I returned my sister-in-law’s machines and started my own blouse sewing and fall pico business, earning a daily income of Rs 300 to 400 and around Rs 12,000 per month.

With this increased income, we made improvements on our farm. We installed a borewell and a pipeline, which boosted our farm’s productivity. We also bought two cows for Rs 80,000, which began producing 12 liters of milk daily. Selling the milk to the dairy at Rs 36 per liter earned us Rs 350 to 400 per day, adding up to Rs 10,000 to 12,000 per month.

Between my sewing business and the dairy income, our monthly earnings increased to around Rs 25,000. I often tell the women in our village about our journey, emphasizing that with the help of organizations like Paryay, we can improve our situations. Timely repayment of loans from Anik Financial Services has empowered us and can lead to the development of many more women.

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